Our history

Our business has been serving clients for over 250 years, guiding them through all market cycles. It has taught us the importance of maintaining a long-term perspective and seeing beyond short-term fluctuations.


John Dawes is among a group of stockbrokers at Jonathan’s Coffee House to buy and sell shares. It is the beginnings of the London Stock Exchange. His business will eventually become Brewin Dolphin.


John Dawes’ business aligns with the Francis family. The Francis family name becomes part of the company much later in 1974.


Railway mania comes to an abrupt end when shares in the emerging sector collapse in an event reminiscent of the South Sea Bubble. Such calamities make the case for expert advice and modern investment strategies.


Merchant’s Bank founded in Halifax, Canada.


Arthur Brewin is admitted to the London Stock Exchange and joins his friend Alexander Christie, forming Christie & Brewin.


James Dolphin is approved as a stockbroker and starts his own firm.


The first telephone is installed at the London office of Christie & Brewin, where there are few other modern amenities. Partners rely on candles for light and a coal fire for warmth.


Dolphin & Son joins with Fisher to create Dolphin, Son & Fisher.


Merchant’s Bank changes its name to Royal Bank of Canada.


Royal Bank of Canada opens a branch in London.


Wontner, Renwick & Francis, the successors to John Dawes, join with Dolphin, Son & Fisher to form Wontner, Dolphin & Francis.


Christie & Brewin, having gone through various formations and names, becomes Brewin & Co.


Brewin & Co merges with Wontner, Dolphin & Francis to form Brewin Dolphin.


Brewin Dolphin and Bell Lawrie White agree to merge. This marks the company’s transformation into a truly national independent investment management firm.


The acquisition of Newcastle-based Wise Speke brings with it a robust research capability which strengthens the firm’s strategic investment resource.


Brewin Dolphin celebrates its 250th year.


Brewin Portfolio Service launches, providing simple online investing for clients.


WealthPilot and 1762 from Brewin Dolphin are introduced, providing respectively advice services for clients with straightforward needs, and particularly complex needs.


RBC acquires Brewin Dolphin.


With more than 30 offices across the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands, we are now able to provide advice and expertise to clients that reflects their requirements and how they want to work with us. 

Our experienced teams are focused on building individual relationships that endure through good times and bad. In a world that remains unpredictable, we are there for our clients.