We will help you to ensure the money you channel to good causes is used in the most effective way possible and creates the greatest benefit.

Effective giving

If one of your motivations is to channel some of your wealth towards a good cause, we will use all of our experience, expertise and contacts to help you to make your philanthropy more effective and rewarding.

Causes that matter to you

We can help you define your philanthropic aspirations and the organisations or projects to support, creating a bespoke personal giving plan that reflects your interests and motivations. If you want to set up a charitable trust or foundation yourself, we can assist.

Access to specialist expertise

Whether you want to donate property, shares, land or art, we’ll help you to make use of charity tax relief to help your gifts stretch further. We can offer access to a whole range of specialists in different areas of philanthropy who can offer strategic advice on your charitable giving and ensure your legacy has a lasting impact.

I’m ready to find out more

Find out how we can help guide your wealth journey, access further information, make contact and meet us in person.

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