At RBC Brewin Dolphin we are constantly guarding against fraudulent activity.

Information you should know:

  • We only use email addresses (or addresses in the Republic of Ireland). If you receive an email from a different email address that looks similar purporting to be from RBC Brewin Dolphin please assume that it is an attempt at fraud
  • At no point would we send bank details via email or request yours via email
  • RBC Brewin Dolphin is not a bank and therefore does not offer its own fixed rate savings products

As well as attempting to impersonate RBC Brewin Dolphin, criminals may pose as organisations such as the Police, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), financial institutions or other government agencies. In these cases, fraudsters may offer a safe place to put your money, suggest that an organisation is under investigation or most recently offer medical guidance. In most cases the criminals will rely on pressure and urgency to persuade you to share key data or even to move funds into a bank account that they have control of.

Only use a telephone number from a legitimate source e.g.

It is important that if you feel that you are being pressured you should hang up the phone, then search online for the organisation that the person purports to be from and call the phone number on that website. In these cases, do not use any number that is on a suspicious email or that you are offered over the phone from a suspicious caller.

Use complex and multiple passwords

Finally, a huge number of data breaches mean that there are considerable numbers (in the billions) of username and password data available to the criminals. You should ensure your email password is complex, and you have not used it on any other online accounts. It is also advisable to switch on multi factor authentication for your email account, in most cases this will send a second code to your mobile phone which provides a second level of security.

Reporting a suspected fraud

If you think you have received communication from a fraudulent party, raise to action fraud (link below), and if you receive suspicious bank account details, phone the bank in question.

Once you have reported the incident to Action Fraud please break off any contact with the suspected fraudster.

Guidance from govt. agencies:

Complex Password Guidance:

Fraudulent Website Report

We are aware of a criminal/hacker using the following websites/email addresses:

The criminals are attempting to gain funds from clients fraudulently misusing the name and logo of RBC Brewin Dolphin. One way that they have been contacting the victims is via the website which is known to the FCA (

Please be aware that this email address and the name James Gardner are in no way connected to RBC Brewin Dolphin, any other member of the RBC Brewin Dolphin group, or any of the RBC Brewin Dolphin group’s services. Please also be aware that the RBC Brewin Dolphin group does not offer fixed rate savings.

The correct web address for RBC Brewin Dolphin is

For more information about fraudsters who falsely claim to be from legitimate firms, please see the Financial Conduct Authority’s guidance, which can be found here.

If you think you have lost money or personal information to fraud, you should report this to Action Fraud on 0300 113 2040 or online via their website.

Other useful sites:

Financial Fraud Action UK
Get Safe Online
Citizens Advice
Report Suspicious Emails

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