About you

Whether you have achieved all that you set out to, or you still have work to do, 1762 RBC Brewin Dolphin offers a service that places you at the centre of a circle of professional advice.

You’re unique

We have no preconceptions about you and no off-the-shelf plans. It all starts with a blank piece of paper and an open mind. This is our secret weapon. It is only once we’ve learned as much as we can about you, that we’ll begin to think about what we can help you achieve.

Getting to know you

We’ll ask about your goals, your priorities and your challenges; about your interests, your passions and your burning desires. Many of the challenges you face, you’ll already know, some we’ll uncover together. All of them will help shape the bespoke service we create for you.

Open to fresh thinking?

If you already have a plan in place, we’ll help you and your existing advisors to review it, enrich it and ensure it’s fit for purpose. If it is time to start from scratch, we’ll create a new plan optimising your opportunities and streamlining your affairs.

A truly personalised service

Working alongside you means always keeping you in the picture. We’ll be in touch whenever an idea strikes us as perfect for you. But more importantly, we’re always available, in person, by phone or email whenever you need us at your side.

I’m ready to find out more

Find out how we can help guide your wealth journey, access further information, make contact and meet us in person.

1762 from RBC Brewin Dolphin

An exclusive service for clients with complex requirements, centred around the idea that no two clients are alike.