Fees and charges

We are open and transparent in the way we charge for our work, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Explaining our approach

As a client of RBC Brewin Dolphin you can expect a personal, tailored service that is regularly reviewed and is flexible enough to keep you on course to achieve your financial goals.

This individual approach is reflected in our fees, which are based on a percentage of the assets you invest with us.

How we structure fees and charges

The fees and charges you pay consist of up to five of the following elements:

  • RBC Brewin Dolphin financial planning fees
  • RBC Brewin Dolphin investment management fees
  • External fund and product charges
  • External transaction charges
  • VAT.

What will I pay?

What you pay will depend on which service you use, whether that is financial planning, investment management or integrated wealth management. Within each service, the more you invest with us, the lower the rate you will pay. Additional costs associated with third party funds are then added on.

Further information

Once we have understood your individual circumstances more fully, we can explain our fees in more detail. You will not be charged for initial conversations and fees will only be incurred when you have made a decision to work with us.

You can also download our guides, here:

Our fees and charges

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Our environment

Over our 250 year history, we have learned to focus on the long term. Respecting the environment and actively managing our impact upon it, is an important part of that, so we comply with all government regulation on environmental issues and exceed them when possible.

Responsible business is one of the three pillars of our sustainability framework, alongside Responsible Investment and Stewardship.