Our environment

Over our 250 year history we have learned to focus on the long term. Respecting the environment and actively managing our impact upon it, is an important part of that, so we comply with all government regulation on environmental issues and exceed them when possible.


Our Green Information Technology (IT) Group looks at opportunities to implement new IT hardware and software that will improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

We discourage printing (particularly in colour) where practical, we only use paper from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved suppliers and we recycle all computer hardware through approved vendors with green credentials and/or through our equipment’s original vendors.


We continue to improve the separation of our office waste, by working with our facilities management partners to manage the effective recycling of paper, plastics, aluminium, paper and cardboard used across the group.


Modern technology is enabling a significant reduction in business travel through the increased use of video conferencing/Skype for Business. We also encourage employees to cycle to work, where applicable, by offering a bike to work scheme, secure parking, showers and changing rooms in larger offices.