The value of investments and any income from them can fall and you may get back less than you invested.

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For family lawyers

We support family lawyers and their high net worth clients throughout the financial settlement process by helping to identify and mitigate the risks associated with negotiating complex financial assets.

Services for family lawyers

You can benefit from our experience of offering advice in a range of settlement types, from relatively straightforward cases to complex financial arrangements of high net worth marriages and registered civil partnerships.

Two key areas of support

Wealth management involves two roles which in combination can help provide the best long-term outcome for your client:

Trusted by solicitors, valued by clients

We appreciate that referring your clients to us is a decision based on trust. For 30 years, we have developed specialist expertise through working closely with around 300 law firms and their solicitors. In total, more than 2,500 private clients have been referred to our wealth managers and we continue to safeguard and grow their wealth.

Due Diligence

We understand that some law firms prefer to operate a formal panel of wealth advisers who become part of your wider team. If you are interested in our advisers working with you and your clients, then please send your due diligence questionnaire to

Helping you reach the preferred outcome for your clients

It is likely that you and your clients will benefit most from our advice when we are involved as early as possible in the process. We can assist with the often problematic stages of financial disclosure right through to negotiation and post-settlement implementation.

When you provide your clients with an initial consultation, there may be some questions about their finances that are difficult to answer. Our wealth advisers are at hand to provide cashflow modelling tools and opinions suited to the earliest stages of relationship breakdown.

  • Consultations - We are pleased to answer early stage enquiries which may precede a petition, but which confirm crucial financial considerations such as, can I afford to get divorced?
  • Making the due diligence process easier - We understand the importance of conducting full due diligence when working with a third party adviser. Our wealth advisers will provide you with full due diligence information. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you.
  • Referrals - We can meet with your client separately or, if you prefer, have a joint meeting with you to establish what financial advice is required.

By introducing our advisers early into the process we can help minimise the risk buried in certain complex financial areas. We can help to:

  • Identify hidden obligations and guaranteed benefits often buried in complex details of clients' pension policies and life cover.
  • Support you in designing a questionnaire that exposes financial gaps and which helps to ensure that Form E is completed accurately.
  • Understand where challenges should be made and what financial questions it may be appropriate to ask.
  • Provide a valuation of investments and other financial assets, and discuss their liquidity.
  • Establish and clarify a client’s tax position and give advice on the most tax-efficient way to manage assets.


At this stage we see our main role as supporting the client’s understanding of their future financial security, using everyday language to explain potentially complex matters.

  • Cashflow planning to show how a client’s finances may look following a financial settlement.
  • Alternative Duxbury to provide more accurate assumptions which can inform decisions concerning a clean break or maintenance.
  • Pensions – provide tailored advice on all pension matters.
  • Protection – advise your clients on life and other insurances to protect their finances.
  • Tax – advise on tax-efficient investment structures.


Many clients, at this stage, have to consider investments, pension planning and the implementation of orders, tax and other major financial issues for the first time. We recognise this can be daunting for them and so we look to make this as easy as possible.

  • Cash management – following a divorce settlement, ensuring cash is held securely in a range of competitive savings accounts pending a long-term plan.
  • Following a pension sharing order, helping to implement it and establish a new pension plan.
  • Build a portfolio of investments based on the client’s personal circumstances.
  • Provide ongoing advice and management of the client’s current and future tax position.


A selection of useful brochures.

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Advice and support for reaching a favourable financial settlement.

Financial advice during your relationship breakdown

Information for clients of family lawyers. It highlights the key information needed for clients when they are navigating a relationship breakdown.

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