The value of investments and any income from them can fall and you may get back less than you invested.

Brewin Dolphin

For corporate advisers

We provide important wealth management support to lead advisers and their shareholder team clients from the earliest stages of the company exit journey.

Services for corporate advisers

You can access our company exit wealth management team, which comprises a national group of specialists who can help advise shareholders before, during and after a transaction on important wealth decisions.

Two key areas of support

Wealth management involves two roles which in combination can help provide the best long-term outcome for your client:

Adding value from beginning to end

You will benefit from quality advice and will not be bothered by a “hard sell”. Our goal is to inspire confidence so that your clients can make the right long-term choices.

Your clients can consult us through all stages of a company exit – from initial discussions years away from starting the exit process through to advising on investing the proceeds post-sale. Experience suggests that they benefit most when we are involved as early as possible in the process.

Regardless of whether shareholders are months or years away from a company exit, many often do not know how much money they will need to support their planned lifestyle following the sale of their company. We will:

  • Step 1: Sit down with each shareholder privately to discuss the lifestyle they would like to have.
  • Step 2: Take into account investments, pensions and savings they already have plus accurate assumptions concerning tax and inflation.
  • Step 3: Discover through a personal cash-flow forecast how much capital is needed to achieve this lifestyle, which helps company owners with mental readiness.

Once the transition process has started, we take each client through the wealth-check process at a pace they are comfortable with, including:

  • Considering any tax structures that may be driving the transaction and factoring these into our personal wealth advice
  • Where necessary, sourcing and arranging the right insurance products, shareholder protection or key person insurance
  • Providing pensions advice.


Following the completion of a sale, shareholders will often have a significant sum of money at their disposal. Whether they have definite plans for reinvestment of not, our wealth adviser can provide valuable assistance at this time.

  • Many clients have no immediate investment plan following a sale and so need a cash management service which optimises returns in a tax-efficient way.
  • When offering investment advice, we establish the shareholder’s goals and risk profile before making any recommendations.
  • When they are ready to proceed, we invest the cash into a portfolio of stock market and other investments aligned to their growth and income objectives.



A selection of useful brochures.

Wealth Management Services for Corporate Advisers Brochure

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Independent minds

We are bound to no corporate group, so offer unbiased recommendations from across the universe of investment opportunities.