The value of investments and any income from them can fall and you may get back less than you invested.

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Do you have a child trust fund?

You could transfer it to a Brewin Portfolio Service stocks and shares Junior ISA.

Transferring a Child Trust Fund

A stocks and shares Junior ISA has the potential to deliver higher returns than a Child Trust Fund, but it does involve more risk and the value of your investments can fluctuate. Once you have opened your BPS stocks and shares Junior ISA you can download the transfer form.

Why transfer to a stocks and shares Junior ISA?

Many providers no longer offer Child Trust Funds, and available interest rates can be uncompetitive.

Investment Child Trust Funds can have charges of up to 1.5%, compared to the much lower BPS service fee of 0.70% for a stocks and shares Junior ISA.

With a Junior ISA, when your child reaches 18 it will automatically convert to an adult ISA, so it continues to benefit from tax-efficient allowances. However, if you keep the funds in a Child Trust Fund, when your child reaches 18 they will receive a cheque and not be able benefit from continued tax-efficient allowances.

You can credit a Child Trust Fund with the full annual allowance (£4,368), transfer it into a Junior ISA and then add the full Junior ISA allowance (£4,368).