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The tables below illustrate, in cash terms, exactly how much you will pay for Brewin Dolphin’s management of the Brewin Portfolio Service (BPS). As you can see, the charges rise depending on the portfolio balance. Any other charges that may apply, such as for withdrawals or account closures, can be seen in our Fees and Charges document.

Illustrative charges on a range of portfolio values

Portfolio value £2,000* £5,000 £10,000 £15,000 £50,000 £100,000
Service fee @ 0.70% £14 £35 £70 £105 £350 £700
Estimated underlying fund charges using an OCF** of 0.23%*** £4.60 £11.50 £23 £34.50 £115 £230
Total Estimated Annual Service Cost £18.60 £46.50 £93 £139.50 £465 £930
Total % Charge 0.93% 0.93% 0.93% 0.93% 0.93% 0.93%
Service fee charged monthly at:**** £1.17 £2.92 £5.83 £8.75 £29.17 £58.33


* The BPS investment minimum is £2,000, however you can start a Junior ISA or a Bare Trust from £100 per month. Dependent on the amount invested, the average performance of your portfolio will be impacted by the total estimated annual service cost figures shown in the table, or the portfolio percentage shown in the table as the total % charge.

** Ongoing Charges Figure - an estimate of the cost associated with investing in external collective funds. The nature of collective funds means that charges incurred in the running of the fund, such as management fees, transaction costs and administrative charges, are included in the total fund valuation. Such costs are not charged directly to Brewin Dolphin portfolios, but impact indirectly through the corresponding reduction in the value of the collective fund. Fund managers quote such costs as a percentage of the overall fund value. This is referred to as an Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF).

*** Our portfolios are invested in a range of underlying funds, all of which levy their own management charges within their pricing structure. The estimated annual fund charge is 0.23%. Such costs are not charged directly to BPS portfolios, but impact indirectly though the corresponding reduction in the value of the underlying funds.

**** Service fee charged monthly and deducted on the 1st business day of each month in arrears.

UK VAT and Stamp Duty is applied on fees and charges in line with aplicable legislation. Other duties, transaction taxes etc. may apply in certain cases in line with overseas law.

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