The value of investments and any income from them can fall and you may get back less than you invested.

Junior ISA


Saving for the next generation is one of the reasons we have been here for over 200 years. Our Junior ISA enables you to invest for your children’s future.

Open a Junior ISA

Invest for your child's future, free from UK tax. Sign up online. Simple, accessible and cost efficient. Capital at risk.


High value, low cost


With minimal fees, you can be sure that you will see the maximum benefit from your investments.

Your choice of portfolios

With six portfolios to choose from you will find one that matches your own attitude to risk and return.

Putting your interests first


Over 250 years we have learned to take a long-term view of investments and client relationships.

Tax efficient

With a Stocks & Shares Junior ISA, there is no income tax or capital gains tax to pay on the investment returns. Investing through a JISA means there are no tax complications for the youngster or for you.

A generous allowance

Up to £4,368 can be invested on behalf of each child in the 2019/20 tax year. And there is a new Junior ISA allowance each tax year – allowing more money to be invested tax-efficiently for the youngster. 

Higher value

A Stocks & Shares Junior ISA has the potential to deliver higher returns than a Cash Junior ISA. This is particularly the case if you are investing when the child is a baby or a toddler – as the Junior ISA can continue to grow until the child turns 18. However, cash is guaranteed while investments can fluctuate in value. 

Any tax advantages mentioned are based on personal circumstances and current legislation which is subject to change.

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Long term outlook

Witness to over two centuries of change in the world, we have a composure ever-relevant in today’s times of uncertainty.