The value of investments and any income from them can fall and you may get back less than you invested.

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We produce regular analysis and commentary on the events that are shaping our client's worlds. Our podcasts feature interviews with leading figures from politics, business and economics, providing the inside track on the most pressing issues of the day. Our Week in Perspective newsletter provides a summary of the key events in financial markets and economics.

Week in Perspective

Carney warns of property crash in no-deal Brexit

14 . 09 . 2018

Bank of England governor Mark Carney warned that house prices could fall by a third in the event of a no-deal Brexit, telling government ministers on Thursday that the Bank would not be able to sho......

Week in Perspective

No-deal Brexit fears continue to pressure the pound

31 . 08 . 2018

Fears over a no-deal Brexit sent the pound to the lowest level of the year against the dollar and euro on Tuesday, despite a series of technical notices issued by the government last week intended ......

Week in Perspective

Pound hit by “no-deal” Brexit plans

24 . 08 . 2018

The pound was hit again as the government unveiled contingency plans for a “no-deal” Brexit. Against the euro, sterling fell below €1.11, and to $1.28 against the dollar.

Week in Perspective

Shares volatile amid Turkish lira crisis

17 . 08 . 2018

The week began with a panic as the Turkish lira continued its freefall on Monday, taking its total fall against the US dollar to 45% this year and to 20% in the first two weeks of August alone. It......

Week in perspective

Pound weakens on fears of a no-deal Brexit

10 . 08 . 2018

The pound continued to weaken on fears of a no-deal Brexit, falling below $1.28 to its lowest exchange rate for the year against the dollar. Against the euro, sterling dipped below €1.11 - though t......


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