The value of investments and any income from them can fall and you may get back less than you invested.

Life has been good for me – having done all I wanted


To my future self

It’s been a good life and I shall shortly be a centurion. I hope the Queen will remember me!

My two children are now both retired - but my five grandchildren are a treasure. I live in an old house deep in Devon where I have lived since a child. I don't want to live elsewhere since it is very healthy here. I don't now do very much in the way of leisure, but my garden keeps me going, just like it always has.

Joy of joy!!! My children paid for me to go on a world cruise a few years ago. It was on the Queen Mary 2 - and I visited many of the countries which I studied in my geography lessons many years ago. Life has been good for me - having done all what I wanted to. So at this stage of my life I really don't want to do anything else.

Health is crucial of course. I was a nurse and helped many patients over the years, mostly working in local hospitals here in Devon. It’s such a shame that they are now closing local hospitals, they were a real treasure in my youth.

Of course you can never have too much money. But money doesn't bring happiness - and I have enough to get by. I get an occupational pension from the NHS. In my youth the money taken out for this seemed a lot. But NOW I'm very pleased that I did this. Naturally I get the state pension as well. I have always considered health much more important than money. But I always put something aside. It was what my mother taught me. She used to have tins for everything – one for rent, the other for the baker and one for the butcher – and so on. But she always had a tin for the future. We used to put 6d in it when we could afford it. And over the years these really added up.

My days as a nurse gave me the opportunity to help others. I helped poor people with medicines (before the NHS came in) and many many people have lived to a good age due to the help which I was able to provide. The most important decision I ever made was to become a nurse. Of course it was not easy - as my parents did not have much money. But I persevered with my training and eventually became a state registered nurse. So thank you for all my friends and family - all of whom have helped me to live a fruitful life.

I do hope that my grandchildren have the same opportunity. It seems so very difficult for them to get a house of their own these days. I will help them all that I can financially.

Yours, Female, 54