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I would love to think that we moved abroad


To my future self,

We are all much older now. Grandparents have gone, parents gone. The children have grown up, moved out and are having families of their own. Grandchildren are growing quickly too! Still happily married to my wonderful husband. We have spent so many years together and been through ups and downs, but we're still together. Hopefully for many more years to come.

I would love to think we took the leap and moved abroad. Somewhere warm and relaxing. That was always our dream, but we were too scared to do it! Hopefully we live in a lovely house of our own. The many years we spent renting and paying someone else's mortgage! Everyone comes and visits when they can and they love it. We love it too, doing our own things, enjoying life. I would hope to have kept up my running. I always did enjoy it in my 30s. A great way to keep fit and healthy. Maybe we like gardening now? We did get a few green fingers in our youth. We are always learning new skills and hopefully we have lots of hobbies and interests we enjoy together and apart.

We always enjoyed a holiday abroad, maybe we went far and wide and went to all places we always wanted to go. Travelling was never my thing as a youngster, but having my family and working hard made me want something to look forward to. A holiday is always a nice thing to look forward to. I never really had anything I wanted to achieve. Living life to the full I suppose. Hopefully that has been achieved but we won’t get down if it hasn’t. Sometimes you don't achieve things.

Are you still a secretary, or were you still one at retirement? I always did enjoy it and hopefully my working life completed on a high. We worked hard in our 30s to get out of debt. Hopefully that paved the way for a brighter financial future and we are secure. Keeping an eye on the purse strings never did anyone any harm. I know you don't take it with you when you're gone and you should enjoy it while you're alive, so hopefully we've done that. Money is never important, but it makes the world go round and life more enjoyable. I always was a saver, so hopefully we have a little stashed away for a rainy day.

Retirement was never close in my mind, but having a pension of some sorts is the done thing. Hopefully between our pensions and savings we have enough to live a fulfilling life and enjoy it. My children are what I am most proud of. They make me smile and laugh and I can see myself in them both. I never had many aspirations, but life itself is an achievement. The most important decision was never leaving you. Sticking together through thick and thin. Trust your instincts and gut feelings.

Yours, Female, 32