As the range and complexity of available investment opportunities continues to grow, extensive independent research into products, companies and markets is required to make adequately informed decisions.

As a result, an increasing number of financial advisers are choosing to partner with Brewin Dolphin and take advantage of our Discretionary Management Service. Our service allows you to effectively outsource the investment management of your clients’ portfolios while retaining secure access to portfolio valuations and having regular, close contact with the Brewin Dolphin investment team.

Benefits of outsourcing your clients’ portfolios

Free up your time
Outsourcing to a Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM) can help your business become more profitable by freeing up your time, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Reduce your business risk
Historically, advisers have taken on the role of constructing and overseeing investment portfolios designed to meet the investment needs of a wide range of different clients. But such activity takes time and expertise, and the ongoing management of an investment portfolio exposes the adviser’s business to liabilities.

Enhance what you can offer your clients
Outsourcing can help you obtain access to:

  • a global investment universe, which means more opportunities
  • a broader range of investment types
  • the purchasing power of the DFM (super-clean share classes)
  • access to investments that may not be available to retail investors (corporate bonds, structured products).

Why Brewin Dolphin?

You remain the central focus of the client relationship and retain control
We allow financial advisers to act in an 'agent' capacity for their clients, whereby you are our legal client, not the underlying client. This provides you with the security that you retain full control of the entire client relationship while outsourcing the DFM workload, and also clearly defines the suitability responsibilities of each party.

We are advisers’ most-used DFM
We are dedicated to working closely with advisers to provide a superior service to their clients. This was reflected in Defaqto’s latest industry study in June 2012 that showed we are your most-used DFM.

Extensive network of offices for easier access
Our national business development team and our extensive network of offices mean we can service advisers and their clients face-to-face across the UK.

Independent: for more choice and fewer constraints
We have no ties to any financial institutions; we are independently-owned and focus only on our core business. We have no in-house funds and are free to search across the market to find suitable investments for each client.

Transparent charging: so your clients know what they pay
We operate a simple and transparent ‘fee only’ charging structure for clients of advisers, with no transactional commissions.

Easily accessible, providing wide industry choice
We are on panels with a large number of SIPP and offshore bond providers.

Due diligence

We are fully aware of the due diligence requirements that each adviser firm needs to complete as part of the outsourcing process. In this regard, we have a standard due diligence document (below) for professional advisers, but we can also complete your own bespoke due diligence questionnaire.

Should you wish to submit a bespoke due diligence questionnaire for completion, please send it to