Valuations: keeping you informed
In addition to regular meetings, we will keep you informed of the performance of your investments by providing reports and valuations quarterly or half-yearly, depending on your wishes. The exact reporting format can be adapted to suit your needs, and will include a review of the investment strategy and the market, together with a detailed valuation and record of all transactions. Individual transactions will be reported on a daily basis through a contract note following execution. At any stage, you can contact your investment management team and ask them for more information on why a specific decision has been made.

Fast and secure online access
You can access your account online and check your investments through our secure server at any time. Our website is also a link to a wide range of useful investment information and checking this regularly is a good way to stay up to date with the latest movements in the financial markets.

A nominee service that saves hassle and time
Our nominee service is designed to save charity trustees’ time while delivering administration advantages. It significantly reduces the amount of paperwork normally associated with investments while conforming to existing legislation and providing rigorous safety procedures and insurance cover.

Most of our charity clients hold their assets in our nominee company, a legal entity separate from Brewin Dolphin. When this happens, your assets are held in trust for you and are not regarded as assets of Brewin Dolphin.