A robust process proven over time
Each month, Brewin Dolphin’s Asset Allocation Committee meets to review how the Group approaches its investments for charities; it then draws up a recommended strategy based on this review. The resulting strategy is shared with investment managers who then apply it to each client’s portfolio.

Our investment managers report directly to you as a matter of course. You will also meet regularly and have the opportunity to discuss any aspect of the decision-making process.

Every investment portfolio faces risk of varying degrees and an important part of our role is to manage that risk. Spreading investments across different asset classes and industries is crucial, but we also look at how different economic changes might affect portfolios.

We continuously review the potential risks underlying investments within our clients’ portfolios as company-specific, market and economic factors arise. If there are any unexpected price movements, we may review the continued suitability of a holding within a portfolio.

Overall, we find that the best way to manage risk is to give every client individual attention and to make sure that we are in a position to react quickly if circumstances change.

Meeting your Requirements
Having your own portfolio means we can tailor it to your specific policy objectives.

We can also tailor your portfolio to meet your ethical criteria, income target and any asset restrictions.

We offer the flexibility to adapt your portfolio to suit your changing needs and requirements.

Ethical investing
For some charities, the nature of their work is reflected within the ethical element of their Investment Policy Statement. We are able to accommodate a wide range of ethical criteria, should you require it, and have direct access to a global responsible-investment research database in order to screen portfolios; this ensures that all stocks held are compliant with our clients' specific policy criteria. At present, 24% of our charity clients have an ethical or socially responsible policy (39% of our charity funds under management). At the start of any new relationship with a client, we discuss their ethical requirements at length to explore the extent to which restrictions should apply. Our aim is to help trustees balance their returns with their concerns.